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Creating the ultimate playlists for high-end venues across the UK, trusted by


Six15 are renowned for bringing the party vibe with a combination of feel-good song selections from the DJ, complimented by the high-energy performances of our live artists.


Over recent years, the "go-to" for Six15 performance has been DJ, Sax & Percussion, which instantly creates a party atmosphere in every environment. Along with our sister brand S6 Acoustics, this formula has now been applied to further platforms in order to engage audiences in more unique and innovative ways to further enhance the customers experience.


Since then, our business & brand has grown immensely since we first established Six15 and we are now a trusted partner of some of the biggest brands in Europe.


A sought after, Creative and Music consultant, Six15 have been entrusted to support and build other businesses brands, such as David Lloyd Group, ECC Group and San Carlo Group to name but a few.


Music curation, play-listing, visuals, content design, audio visual, DJ's and live artists have all been brought together to create the ultimate 360 degree creative platform.

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We strive to create bespoke musical service ranging from playlisting, custom mix production alongside musical production to guarantee customer satisfaction.


The client-led process starts at the very beginning, with our team working very closely to understand the vision of a venue/client, once this has been orchestrated by our musical experts, we then move on to understand the requirements towards delivery options (playlisting/mixes) to give a full music service throughout the day and flow into the evening. Leading to a fully finished, unique and bespoke musical journey. 


Music consultancy is what creates the full 'Six15 Effect' that is known by many. Even when our artists aren’t performing, ensuring both the customer and the client are getting the best musical experience possible. 


An example of this would be the Neighbourhood Restaurants in both Leeds & Liverpool. These  sites have music playlists produced by Six15 throughout the day flowing into pre-curated DJ mixes during the week.  On the weekend, personalised tracks are used during the DJ sets for high impact moments that are regularly adapted to suit the clients needs and requirements.


No matter what time you walk into a Neighbourhood, Firefly, Victor's bar... you will undoubtedly experience the true 'Six15 Effect'.


Original royalty free bespoke music just for you, it’s what we do.


From Electronica to Dance, Drum & Bass to House, Hip Hop to Pop, Lo-Fi and Chill Out amongst many other genres, our producers deliver unique soundtracks, produced and designed exclusively to enhance our client, David Lloyd’s engagement with their members through Blaze, Delta and their OnDemand fitness classes.


Could we soundtrack your customers experience? 100%. Get in touch now.

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