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Bringing a powerful, rhythmical edge to percussion at parties across the globe, Gilo can lift any atmosphere to new heights.

After studying at the London’s famous Drumtech back in 2007 and spending time with Latin percussion supremo Bosco De Oliveira, Gilo travelled to Hong Kong. There he spent 6 months with Manchester’s DJ Nipper learning the art of drumming alongside a DJ, honing his skills and making him an incredible live artist.

Returning to the UK, Gilo picked up residencies at local clubs including the legendary Leeds night SpeedQueen.  In 2011 he joined the iconic Hed Kandi team, making appearances at Birmingham’s Gatecrasher and Blackpool’s Sanuk nightclub. International appearances soon followed for the world famous brand including trips to Egypt, Germany, Ukraine, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Qatar and a tour of Thailand.

In between his hectic gig schedule, Gilo still finds time to release regular podcasts with Good2Groove, where his live percussion can be heard playing over Nu Disco and Deep House tracks.

Gilo’s energy, enthusiasm and percussive skills will elevate any clubbing event to the next level, making him an in demand live artist.

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