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A one of a kind musician, Tom is a dynamic addition to any event.

Manchester-based club freestyle/session sax player, Tom seamlessly fuses soulful sax sounds with the funky beats of House music. This has led to him becoming a staple, not only on the clubland scene, but achieving recognition and working alongside renowned global brands including, Ministry of Sound and Hed Kandi.

With over 10 years of experience and a wealth of musical knowledge, he has been making an indelible impact at numerous events with his sexy, soulful, sax vibes marrying perfectly with exhilarating House beats.

His exuberance and natural flair of working the crowd has led to Tom becoming a highly respected and internationally renowned artist, travelling to luxurious destinations such as Dubai and Ibiza. A hugely successful commodity, he has played at festivals such as Creamfields , alongside some of the biggest DJs in the world.


Tom’s sax skills have been witnessed by many of clubland’s favourites including Danny Howard (Radio One), RudimentalAxwellK-KlassMKDisclosure and and most recently the Freemasons at Space, Ibiza. Tom’s love and enthusiasm for House music really shines through in his energetic and lively national and international performances.


Classically-trained Saxophonist Tom has been ‘saxing up’ house music all over the world; the last year alone has seen him flourish as global brand, having played in New York City, USA, Portugal, Poland, Austria, Germany, Barcelona and Ibiza.


Highly acclaimed, he has performed at private parties for celebrities such as Coronation Street star Ryan Thomas, as well as events for corporate clients such as Bentley. Tom is also available for weddings, private parties and corporate event bookings; his energy is offset by his polished, suave demeanour guaranteed to give your event that elite, professional touch. 

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